Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saving Lives a Bag of Tobacco at a Time

Wow it has been an awesome week! On Wednesday, transfers happened and we got two new sisters here in Buckhannon. One is brand new and the other came out in the same group as me. But because they were new we took them to meet the new ward mission leader which was a lot of fun. Brock is the new ward mission leader and his wife is from Ecuador so she made us dinner and it was delicious! It was egg soup and some chicken and rice. I don't know what kind of chicken but it was really good! While we were there one of his daughters went out to do something and when she came back she had a little present for her dad.
what a cutie! haha

Thursday we were back in our service clothes. It is a weird week now if we don't spend at least one day in our service clothes. But this week we were helping Roy build some railing on his sons porch which we have been working on the past two weeks now.

Friday was Elder Fielding's Birthday and man was it a great day. We went out and saw some people early in the day which started a little slow. By the end of the day we were only able to take like 15 minutes for dinner because we got so busy. But late in the afternoon we went out to give someone a blessing that was friends with a member in our ward. She had been having some mental issues and asked the member if she could get a blessing. Of course they said yes and so they asked us if we could go out with them. We gave her a blessing that was awesome and after we were able to teach her a little bit about our church. She loved all of it and is super excited to read from the Book of Mormon and to find some questions for us.

After that we rushed off to our 15 minute dinner at KFC (happy birthday to Elder Fielding) and then met up with Brock and Cody to go out to a lesson with Jennifer, and her husband Chris, and Dusty, a less active member of our church that lives with them. We got out to their house and their gate was locked, which means they weren't home. We were so disappointed. As we were getting back in the car they pulled up! MIRACLE! The lesson we were teaching was going to be the stop smoking program that helps them quit smoking. When they pulled up we asked Jennifer if they got the supplies she needed to do the program. She said she couldn't find them so we sent her to Walmart while we waited at the house with Chris, Dusty and her kids. (as Jennifer pulled away we realized she had the keys to the house so we had to wait outside the house for like 30 minutes waiting for her. But Branson, the son, plays baseball so we played catch and hit a little bit)  Anyways, back to the lesson. Jennifer got back and we went in to teach the lesson which is a 15 step process that you follow for 7 days and you will quit smoking. They were super excited and so far they have been doing great with it! But they gave us all their tobacco and well we walked away with a lot.

We went and got ice cream to celebrate!

On Sunday Derek got the Priesthood and he is very excited to get to pass the Sacrament next week!

We are very excited for everything that is going on in Buckhannon and all the success we have been having! Thank you everyone for the love and support. And to all the mothers, happy mothers day!
Elder Ryan Carter

Abraham Lincoln

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