Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gravity Must Not Work as Well in Kentucky

Well it's official. I'm now in Olive Hill, Kentucky. I live in Grayson and am about 15 minutes from Moorehead KY. The best part about all of this though is that I am serving in Carter County and the two high schools are East Carter and West Carter. It is almost like they knew I was coming or something! And there is a Ryan city or town close to where I serve, but unfortunately it is out of the mission so I can't go see it. But I'm finally settled in after a long day of packing and traveling. This was my suit case... I think I still need more ties though!
So far we have been doing a lot of just trying to get to know the members since we are both new to the area. The first day we got here a member showed up at our house. His name is Austin Gee. He is 18 and he is going on a mission to Las Vegas Nevada, and he reports on July 2nd, a year after me. He is an awesome kid! We are so similar it is great! He is planning on going to SVU to play basketball and so of course we had to play. He is quicker for sure but it was a lot of fun. But I think I can jump higher in Kentucky because a month or two ago I couldn't dunk but now I can. I think someone turned down the gravity here!

The best part of the week though was on Saturday Austin had his Grad Party/ Mission Farewell party. In the middle of the party his dad called us over and introduced us to someone who needed some service done and we offered to help so hopefully we are able to get something out of that. And then later as we were about to leave a friend of the Gee family walked up to us and told us she wanted to start taking the missionary lessons again! It was pretty exciting! We are very hopeful for her and that we will be able to help her progress! 

And then on Sunday the branch had a baptism! He was an 8 year old named Jaxon. He wasn't 9 so it doesn't county as a baptism for the missionaries but it was still great to be a part of. It is always special to get to witness someone get baptized and to see their excitement for it! It is one of the best parts of getting to be a missionary! And after the baptism the grandma came up to us and told us she has a friend that needs to be taught so hopefully he will be someone we can teach and that will have a lot of interest!

I'm very excited to be serving here in Kentucky! There seems to be a lot of potential in this area and hopefully we will be able to help the area to grow and progress! 
I love you all!
Elder Ryan Carter
“The same boiling water that hardens the egg will soften the carrot. It all depends on the individual’s particular reaction to stressful circumstances.”

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