Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On a Roller Coaster Ride

Wow it has been a crazy week of ups and downs. Starting out Monday we had a great lesson with Austin to prepare him for his baptism this week. It went so well and it has been amazing to see the growth in him especially in the last few weeks. He is a typical 11 year old that likes to mess around and has a shorter attention span but he continues to love learning more and more. 

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and I got to go back to Morgantown! It was really weird to be there and not getting to see everyone. Fortunately we didn't drive through my area or anything otherwise it would have been pretty tempting to stop and see some people. It was one of the best meetings I have been to in a while though! I forgot my notes but it really was awesome to go to. 
Later that night when we got home we went to a baseball game for a kid named Ryan that is in our ward. It was pretty fun to go watch. 
We hadn't been able to get into contact with Chris and Jennifer for a while so we decided to go out to there house to see what was up. It was kinda weird because on our way to there house Chris pulled out in front of us and we followed him for a while. When we got to their house we got out to see how he was doing and how his sons baseball game went (when he pulled out in front of us he was coming from the baseball fields) He was super friendly and we asked to come up for just a few minutes since it was late at night. When we pulled up to the house Chris had already gone inside and sent out Dusty who is living with them. Dusty told us it was a bad night, which was weird since Chris just said it was okay. We asked if we could at least speak with Jennifer for a few minutes, and he said fine but it would have to be short. We found out from Jennifer that Chris didn't want to meet with us anymore and that he didn't want us coming over when we were home. It was a little hard but Jennifer said she still wants to be taught. We have been struggling since then to contact her and she didn't come to church Sunday. We are still hopeful for them though so prayers would be very helpful for her! She has been struggling and we know that coming to church will bless her so we are hoping we can get her out to church this week.

Thursday I went up to Clarksburg for exchanges with Elder Chavez, which was pretty fun. While I was in Clarksburg, Elder Fielding and Elder Hadfield went around visiting some of our investigators and one said she isn't interested in changing religions right now and we found out another one had a stroke and that he probably won't make a full recovery which was pretty sad to here. 

On Saturday we did a lot of service. We helped a member to move in a stove to a house he is building for his son in law and daughter on his property and it was a heavy stove but he had a beautiful property! He has about 25 acres and it is amazing! He has a pond right by his house so we tried to fish for a little bit before we had to leave. When we left we went over to help someone else plant there garden so I can now add that to my list. I am now a gardener. 

Then Sunday to finish of the crazy week Austin got baptized!! It was definitely the best end to how crazy this week has been. 
Thanks everyone for all the help you give to me and for the service you give to others! At this time of year on Memorial Day I encourage all of you to not only remember those servicemen but those that have served you to improve the quality of life you have! I love all of you!
Elder Carter

"There are lives to Brighten. There are hearts to Touch. There are souls to Save." 
-President Thomas S. Monson

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