Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

What a great week it was! Because it was Spring Break for the University we got to see a lot of the University Elders this week which was great. On Friday we were able to go on a short exchange in which we were able to find 15 potential people to teach in about a 4 hour period. It was so exciting! I was able to go around with Elder Hollembeak, who has been on his mission for about 3 months now, which was so great! We had so much fun and the crazy thing is to think that I was just where he is and how fast it has gone. Along with that though, it is so cool to see how much I have learned and yet to see how much that I still have yet to learn. The coolest part was at the end he thanked me for how much he learned, but in reality I learned probably just as much as he did. Maybe it was new, or maybe it was something that I had just forgotten, but it was such a cool experience. I have a firm belief that the more you teach or share something the more you learn. But I also believe that it isn't always learning something new. Sometimes it is just learning something that we forgot, or even putting together a connection of things we may have knew but just hadn't realized yet.
But earlier in the week we were able to meet with Talitha. She is the one that we met last week and pulled over wanting to talk to us. She is so great. She has a lot of interesting beliefs but when we really get to talking to her, she already believes all of what we are teaching her, she just doesn't recognize it yet. We were able to read through the Articles of Faith with her, which is are 13 basic beliefs, and as we read and discussed, she kept telling us that she was looking for things that she disagreed with. We got through all 13 and at the end she said, "I have no problems with any of these things. It all just makes sense." Which as a missionary hearing that is always great.
We also were able to meet a man named Bill and his wife. Bill apparently was taught about 4 years prior before he moved to Morgantown. One of the missionaries where he used to live called him to try to see if they could meet up with him. Well long story short, he now lives in Morgantown and is interested in meeting with us. It is so cool to have such little miracles happen all the time after all the hard work we put in.
Well once again, Thank You all for everything you do for me and for others! I am so very grateful!
Elder Ryan Carter
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"Every accomplishment begins with a decision to step up to the plate."

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