Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Week of Service!

It has been quite the eventful week and it has definitely been a lot of fun! I feel like we spent just as much doing service as we did actually out trying to teach people but yet it was still a great week! I had to make a running list this week of all the things that happened so here we go...
  1. I had a ramp dinner this week! Last week I talked a little about ramps and I had an entire dinner of just ramps. Everything we ate had some form of ramps in it and it actually was pretty good. But I'm not sure I believe this whole people will like run from you if you eat ramps because nobody said anything to us about it after that.
  2. It snowed on Tuesday... What the heck!!! Is this winter ever going to end?? It didn't stick but I thought spring was finally here!
  3. Okay the rest of the week it was in the 70s and low 80s which was awesome!!! Crazy though it was snowing one day, and the next day I got burnt... Definitely can't complain though! I would definitely rather have 70s than snow.
  4. I helped build a roof this week!! Unfortunately we didn't actually get to finish it but we helped to build the frame of the roof for a member who had there roof collapse last week. I had no idea what I was doing so all I did was hold stuff, and drill it in place and it was pretty fun.
  5. Along with the ramp dinner I had this week I had a few other random foods. A member here is from Ecuador and so she made us some Ecuadorian food (who knew I would get that in West Virginia.) And yesterday we had some gravy that had Deer meat in it and let me tell you guys, it was great!!! And this wasn't actually this week but last week we had some Thai food. There is a member here that recently moved here from Thailand.
  6. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Pitt. Those are always great and inspiring!
  7. On Friday we got to help someone with their yard work. One of their daughters was having a birthday party that night so we helped set up for that a little bit too then went back later that night. They did a BBQ and when it got dark we had a huge bonfire!! and had smores! Overall it was awesome!
  8. Also on Friday, we went over to the Chapman's in the morning and had some pancakes which were delicious! Then helped him feed his chickens and then, (highlight of the week) we castrated some pigs! If you don't know what that is you probably don't want to! But Elder Fielding and I can now say we have done it haha
  9. For Easter I "got" to sing in the choir... haha more like I had to sing in the choir because all the missionaries in the past before Elder Fielding and I were good singers so they pretty much expect us to sing in the choir now. It wasn't too bad though. It was a really good song and I didn't completely ruin the performance.
  10. For Easter we got to go to the Chapman's family reunion. (They have a family reunion basically every month. Its more of a everyone bring some food and hang out) But that was a lot of fun!
  11. Derek and Austin both were at church on Sunday. Austin (Derek's brother) decided that he wanted to be baptized. Originally, he wanted to be baptized the same day as Derek but after talking to him we decided to have him wait until the end of May just to make sure he is ready and not just doing it because of Derek. But, Derek's baptism is this coming Sunday so we are super excited for him!
Well I think I covered it all! Or at least all of the exciting parts!! It was quite the week. I don't know how we were able to squeeze it all in, but it definitely was all great!

I love you all! Happy Easter!! Have a great week!
Elder Ryan Carter

(this is a video on the message of Easter. I decided to throw it in with the quotes this week)

 “Don’t give up. God isn’t quite finished with you yet.”

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