Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 4!!! It has almost been a month in the field!

Well unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to email this week so I won't be sending any individual emails this week. We are going to Zone P-day today in Huntington so we are in a hurry to do everything this morning so we can go.

Monday Aug 5:
Not much happened today. It was just another regular Monday. It was relaxing and I always look forward to Mondays because we get to talk to everyone and just relax most of the day.

Tuesday Aug 6:
Wow! It has already been 10 months since the accident. That makes it seem like forever ago but it does not feel like it was that long ago! Today we basically did service all day. We are moving at the end of the month into a members rental home so we went and helped them fix up the home. We basically painted all morning so I got pretty good at that. After that we helped an investigator move into her new home down the street. She has a daughter that is 20 that was in a bicycle accident and now has the capacity of about a 6 month old. It is crazy to think that I could have been just like that and how blessed I am to still be able to do all that I am able to. 
For dinner my companion and I made salmon and rice. Basically we are professional chefs now, and it was delicious so go us. Who knew I could cook?!

Elder Williams then made some blueberry muffins and we went around the rest of the night talking to investigators and giving them muffins which was fun. 

Wednesday Aug 7:
Today we taught Joey with Josh O'Connor, a member of our ward. He is 20 so it is fun to have him come out with us for splits. We talked to Joey about the restoration again and about repentance and baptism. We now just need to get him to church because he is doing well at progressing.
After Joey was interesting. We taught Brandon, Rosy and Evalinda. Their apartment is always super hot and they have like 6 cats so it doesn't smell good. They have a strong desire to learn about our church and be baptized, but we have a lot to teach them. Oh but it was interesting because Evalinda, who is 47 or something, started to compliment me before we left and started talking about how she is looking for a pure young man in her life... it was awkward, but she did the same thing to Elder Williams. I just smiled, said thanks, and then we left. 

Thursday Aug 8:
Next week when I have more time I will have to teach you all a little bit about repentance because since getting on my mission I now love that subject and love teaching it. We had zone and district meeting today and I got to teach a short lesson on repentance and then later got to teach it to Nora which was awesome! She now picks two things every morning that she is going to work on improving or getting rid of in her life. She is AWESOME!!!! You all are probably tired of me telling you she is awesome all the time but she really is!

Friday Aug 9:
Well a lot happened today but I will share a short experience with you. Today we got a referral from, which we get in a text. It was awesome because we were on the street of the referral when we got it and we were looking for somebody to teach when it happened. It was so cool. She is awesome and so ready to hear the gospel. She has been searching for a while now to find the truth and is just waiting for her heart to tell her which church is right for her.

Saturday Aug 10:
Well I have an awesome experience from today from and AWESOME investigator. Guess who it is. You probably were right. It is Nora! She told us she has been praying a lot lately for her husband, who is in jail, to think of all the good times they have been through because he has been complaining a lot lately. She was about to send him a letter to do this but she then got a letter that answered her prayer directly. Everything she wanted him to do he did. He wrote a 4 page letter about looking back to when they met and all the good times they have had and all that he appreciates about her. Prayers really are answered if we just do the simple things we are asked to do and have faith. If we do what we are asked we will receive so many blessings!

Sunday Aug 11:
Yesterday there are two things that I realized. The first happened because we went to a priesthood preview meeting for a youth in our ward that just turned 12. As I sat there I realized the power of the priesthood that I have and all it can do to bless others lives. The priesthood I have is the same priesthood that Jesus Christ had and has the same power as his I do all I can to be righteous and follow his commandments. 
I also realized how grateful I am to have a father. Very few kids out here have both parents and even those that do a lot of the time don't have a great influence. I am so grateful for the example my father has been to me for my entire life and for both parents I have that have taught me all I know and helped me grow into who I am today. I couldn't even begin to understand how hard it would be to grow up without them and I admire those that have done this.

I love you all and miss you!

I hope everyone is doing well back home!

Elder Ryan Carter

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