Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Family,

I have heard from Nick.  I saw him right before I read your letter.  He just got his Visa but said it is getting to hard and said he is going home tomorrow or Saturday.  I told him I loved him and I respect him so much for all he has done trying to stick it out.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for him.  He said he hopes to be able to come back if he can figure it out but if he can't he will do a service mission at home  like Christian.  He is such an amazing person and I feel so bad but know he will be happier at home, for now.

Last night I had an amazing experience.  Although he wasn't fully converted, I feel like my companion was able to be truly converted to the gospel.  I don't want to get to into detail but basically he was considering going home.  He has struggled for many years to feel the spirit.  He isn't very open so him admitting this was special.  Unfortunately, he was unsure about God.  He blamed God for many things, specifically his sisters death.  She was the one person he could talk to  and he felt like God took her from him.  We talked for two hours along with Elder Staveley and Elder Payne.  I can't take much credit because Elder Payne is the one who understands his situation completely while I could barely relate.  Eventually, we gave him a blessing.  Elder Payne gave it to him.  The spirit was so strong and bore testimony to me this work is important and the church is true.  Elder Staveley and I said if he didn't feel the spirit we were coming home.  Fortunately we are staying!  Today there was such a difference in Elder Lane. He has been so happy and after meeting with an investigator he said that he felt the spirit so strongly!  I was so happy for him!  This church is true!  I know it with all my heart!  The power of prayer and priesthood blesses lives!  God loves every single one of his children!

I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  I hope everything is as well at home as it is here.
Elder Ryan Carter

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