Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So it is the end of the first transfer. Transfers happen every six weeks and I definitely didn't think this transfer would come this quickly! I have exciting news though! Elder Williams and I will be staying here in Portsmouth! However, we will also be getting a new companion, Elder Nelson. We know nothing about him but are both very excited! We are also moving tomorrow into a new home which is super exciting!

Monday Aug 19th:
Well I continue to learn that I am somewhat of a decent cook! I mad some Cinnamon Muffins this morning. Okay so it was out of a box but for me I was still proud and they are the best muffins I have ever made! Okay you got me again, the only muffins I have ever made, BUT they actually tasted really good and they didn't kill me or Elder Williams. While I made my muffins, Elder Williams made some cookies so we basically had a bakery going in our apartment. I finally got a much needed hair cut which was nice. Elder Williams did it and was laughing the whole time which scared me and made me think he was messing it up the entire time but it turned out good. 

Tuesday Aug 20th:
We had and amazing zone conference and I learned so much! The one part that stuck out to me most was that "We must do it [God's] way!" If we do it his way we will receive so many blessings and we will receive so much strength in all that we do! if we have faith in him, he will provide! "Faith is Power." 

Wednesday Aug 21st:
I now can say that I know how to trim hedges! You can add that to my list of things I can now do for yard work. We did a bunch of yard work for an older woman who is not a member but has a son who is. She has been investigating for 45 years now and she loves the missionaries and has just starting coming to church for the first time since she started talking to missionaries. 

Thursday Aug 22nd:
Thursdays are usually pretty slow because we have weekly planning but tonight was fun! We had a family home evening with the Sanfords (a family in our ward) and the Taylors (an investigating family). The Sanfords were in charge of it and it was awesome! We had a scripture scavenger hunt at the park which was a lot of fun and the little kids loved it! I was on the winning team!! :)
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Friday Aug 23rd:
Today was a lot of fun! I got to be on an exchange with Elder Labrum who was in my district in the MTC. I found that he and I work really well together and we were able to teach the lessons well together. Since school started we didn't really have any long lessons together but it was still good to get to work with him. We got to see Kristi who was funny like always. she was venting a lot but we were still able to laugh a lot. She told us she loves when we come over because we always improve her day and make her laugh. 
We later saw Rebecca. We asked her if she had been reading the Book of Mormon and she said "Yeah, and I have noticed every day I read I feel way better." She thought it was crazy when I told her that she isn't the only one who tells us that. The Book of Mormon is an amazing book and we see so many miracles that come from reading it! 

Saturday Aug 24th:
Well not too many exciting things happened today. I'm not sure why but I feel like I didn't talk a lot which made the day felt a lot longer than usual. I have studied a lot about families today because I have been asked to give a talk on families and marriage tomorrow

Sunday Aug 25th:
Well I got to church today and was told that I'm no longer giving a talk... I'm glad I was able to prepare it though because it helped me really think about how much I love and appreciate my family! We taught a few people today and both lessons went really well! No cool stories but they were both awesome lessons that I really could feel the spirit during. 
For dinner we went to the Sanfords who are awesome! They have a young family but the way the kids act remind me a lot of my family so it was really fun being with them. The son was awesome! When we got there he went and got his dads missionary tag and dressed up like a missionary the entire time we were there. Inline image 3

Monday Aug 26th/ Tuesday Aug 27th:
"A Little Better Day By Day"
"Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be dissapointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today." - President Lorenzo Snow
"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48

I often ask myself "What can I do to be better?" and "What can I remove from my days to improve?" I was able to work with Elder Labrum again in Russell, Kentucky. I realized how grateful I am for the amount of work we have in Portsmouth and for the work ethic I have learned working in Portsmoth with Elder Williams. It takes a lot of work to find success, but the amount of work it takes is worth it. We then learned on Tuesday in district meeting a lot about faith. I was praying to find how I could improve in my missionary work and I received an answer. In our district meeting we discussed "What is the price we have to pay and the currency we have to pay in order to improve ourselves and our mission?" The currency is that we have to have our will in line with the Fathers will like we find in Alma 22: 15-18. The price all depends on our desires. This not only applies to missionaries but to everyone. We must be willing to sacrifice a part of ourselves if we want to improve and have success. There are a lot of things we don't want to give up but if we are willing to sacrifice, we will improve leaps and bounds if we ask for the Lord to help us. 

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