Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Love Portsmouth Ohio!

Monday July 29th:
Today was much needed! Best P-Day yet! Last week was so stressful and I needed a break! We both took naps because we were so tired and it felt so good! Today Glen told us he doesn't want to meet with us and just wants to investigate on his own... This was good and bad. We want are investigators to be self-reliant but it was still hard to deal with because he was our top investigator at the time. But as we walked out the door a lady called for us and asked who we were. She asked if "we had any literature for her to read." Well of course we do! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed anxious to read! How Awesome!!

Tuesday July 30th:
In the morning we taught Nora! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and as we were teaching she said she was making a plan to quit smoking! She is so awesome! We then went to teach Alex Scott and her best friend Blake was with her. She told us she didn't really want to continue because she was happy with were she was with religion right now and we were confusing her. This was a lot harder then Glen because prior to this she was always so excited to learn and had so many great questions! She said she still wants to see us though so we will see what happens. 

Wednesday July 31st:
Well today we spent 4 or 5 hours helping Brother Moore with yard work. I'm basically a professional weed whacker now because that is all I did the entire time. They fed us blueberry pancakes and fried rice which were both delicious!!! 
Some awesome things happened at night! One was I met a new investigator and her name is... Bailey! How cool is that. She thought it was cool I had a sister named Bailey. She seemed interested in reading the Book of Mormon so hopefully it all goes well with her. We still need to meet up with her again! We also set an investigator on date! It was our first time meeting with him! His name is Joey and we met him walking to his house last week. He kept saying how powerful our message was and that he wants to be baptized as soon as he is able. We just have to keep teaching him and get him to church.

Thursday August 1st:
So I found out I can cook today! I made salmon for Elder Williams and he said it was good! We didn't have anything to put on it so I didn't have any. But for my first time I would say GO ME!!! 
We had a pretty slow start to our day but it was still good. We taught Nora and Savannah the first half of the Plan of Salvation and they seemed pretty interested which was awesome! The rest of the day we basically saw a few people then helped a less active family move. It was good to be able to help and was pretty enjoyable, expect helping carry in the fridge.

Friday August 2nd:
Today we were teaching some new investigators! They said they only had like 20 or 30 minutes and we ended up talking for an hour and a half because they were so interested and the time just flew by. Eventually we kind of split into two lessons and I was on my own which was scary but was awesome! She kept telling me how she was feeling goosebumps and when I told her what they were she already knew it was the Holy Ghost! How awesome! She kept asking "Why do more people not know about the Book of Mormon." She is so ready to learn and wants to learn so much!

Saturday August 3rd:
I have been out for a month already! Wow that is Crazy!!!
Well today was the slowest day we have had since being on my mission. Neither of us had any energy pretty much all day long so it was rally rough. This was my first day with about nobody to teach and it made me realize how blessed I am to have so many investigators to teach! This are is so awesome and so prepared for us! 

Sunday August 4th:
We didn't have any investigators at church today again but today was much better than last week. Fast and Testimony meeting was awesome! We had so many people visiting at church today and it was awesome to see so many people in our ward. We taught a lesson on the importance of work. I liked two quotes that I will leave with you all to think about. The first was "Our Heavenly Father remembers the families in these situations [chronic illness, loss of spouse, injuries, etc.] and gives them strength to carry out their duties. He will always bless them if they ask Him in faith." 
The other quote was "'Doing nothing is the hardest work of all, because one can never stop to rest.' Without work, rest and relaxation have no meaning." We must always remember to be working. There is a time for rest and recreation but we must always be learning and growing. 

God works in mysterious ways.
He loves all of us more than we can comprehend!
The Church is SO True

Love you all!

Elder Ryan Carter

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