Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!

This week has been a little rough and a little slow. We have been able to meet with a few people but haven't been able to find too many people to teach which makes the weeks go by a little slower.
We have been able to continue to work with and teach Jenna and she is doing awesome. We gave her Mormon and Moroni to read out of the Book of Mormon and it has been pretty funny seeing what she likes about them. We were reading Mormon with her and she said she liked the fighting out of it because she has a good imagination and could imagine herself there which I thought was great. I always try to point out the things more related to the gospel just so she can relate it to herself and continue to grow. Patty has been doing great too! She started reading the entire Book of Mormon and has already read all of 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi and Jacob. She has been reading like 6-10 chapters a day. It has been crazy and it is so cool to see how excited she has been about it. She has really been understanding it and enjoying it and it has been great.
We were able to have a Zone Conference this week which is always a good experience because President Pitt is just such an amazing man an he always helps me out so much in this work. It has been really cool to see the changes that have happened in our mission and ever since the new year, we have had one big focus. Get back to the basics. Study the basics of the gospel. Learn the basics of teaching skills. Learn the basics of finding people to teach. Help and serve the members. Everything is all focused on being more simple in all we do and as a result becoming the best missionaries, and the best servants of the Lord in this great work! As I have been able to do these things it has been great to see the blessings. There is still much work I can do but it all has to do with focusing on the basics.
Last night we had a cool experience too. Both of the Sister Missionaries in our ward had a really bad feeling yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what happened but they asked us to give them a blessing and to go over and bless their home as well because they just didn't feel safe there for some reason. After giving them a blessing and praying with them they said they felt much more peaceful. It was a great experience and it is always so cool to be able to use the Priesthood to bless others.
Thank you everyone for all of the prayers, support and love. I really do appreciate it and am greatful.
Elder Ryan Carter
“It’s not what you do once with all your heart and every ounce of strength that counts, nearly so much as that which we do every day, whether we want to or not.” -President Pitt

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