Sunday, March 2, 2014

If anyone wants a snow day, Morgantown's the place to be~

Well once again thank you to all of you that wished me a happy birthday! It was definitely a little different than usual but it was still great! Let me start by telling you a little bit about how it ended. So... we had finished a daily planning around 930 and we hear a knock on the door. Now just to let you all know, nobody ever knocks on our door... especially at night. But so Elder Kamauu goes and answers the door while I was finishing something up and what does he walk in the room with? A cake... from where? COLD STONE! I got an ice cream cake! So good! Oh but wait there is more... Around 10 there is another knock on the door. I go to answer it this time and who could it be? Papa Johns. I got a pizza! So unfortunately we didn't eat any of it that night because we weren't hungry but we go to bed and the next thing I know at 10:45 as I'm laying in bed I heard another knock... WHAT?! Not gonna lie I was a little upset I had to get out of bed... but I was also really confused. What else could it be. My parents are great but what else? It was Pizza Hut with another pizza! But here is the catch. I'm signing the receipt and I just catch of the glimpse of the name! Elder Kamauu's parents got me a pizza for my birthday!!!! How awesome are they??? So it was a pretty good birthday!!!
But during the day we were at the campus from 10-2:30 talking to people and passing out hot chocolate in like 20 degree weather. It was a little cold but a lot of fun! So again thank you all for a great birthday!
I'm so excited for this Saturday though! Jenna is finally getting baptized! She had her interview on saturday and is ready to go! Every time we give her something to do she does it that day after we leave! She stays up until like 11 some school nights because she wants to read the Book of Mormon! She is just so great!
Oh and yesterday the library was closed. We got a FOOT of snow out of no where. It has been quite the winter for sure!!!
Love you all! Thank you for all the prayers and the support! You all are so great!!!
Elder Ryan Carter
“Doesn’t  it seem foolish to spoil sweet and joyful experiences because we are constantly anticipating the moment when they will end?”

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