Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This has by far been one of the hardest weeks on my mission if not the hardest week so far. We went around looking for people to teach pretty much all week and didn't really have much success. We had lessons fall through, and nobody was home when we tried to find people to teach. And yet somehow, this work is still amazing! It definitely helps to be surrounded by so many missionaries, and guess what, the church is STILL true. It is just hard to see so many people where you see how much happier they can be but they don't want it.
But to end off the week Sunday was awesome! We spent 11 hours at our church buidling. In that 11 hours, 3 hours was at church, 2 was just getting to church early, 2 was spent in choir, and 4 was spent at 2 different baptisms. Unfortunately, not baptisms of our own but it is still always amazing to be at a baptism. There was a kid in our ward that just turned 8 and then the University Elders baptized Brycen which was awesome to be at! And for all of you who know how talented my family is at singing... yes I'm in the choir. The ward basically come up to the missionaries and begged us to join. I told them I woulnd't be much of a help but they wanted me to join so I did. We are singing next week in church for our Christmas program so hopefully I don't do completely awful and ruin the entire show...
Hopefully this next week is better so I have some exciting stories to share with y'all.
Oh and it snowed like 2 inches last night! It is kinda cold here today.
Hashtags of the week
#Set ItUp
#Get Dunked
 Oh and the attached picture is our beautiful "Christmas Tree"... We had presents but no tree so we decided to make one
Well I love you all!
Love Elder Ryan Carter
"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries and predecessors; try to be better than yourself."
 -Charlie T. Jones

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