Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 12-My last week of training!

I can't believe this is my last week training! I don't feel like I have learned enough yet because I keep learning every day. I know that is going to be the case my entire mission but it is crazy that I have been out this long already. Where has the time gone?

Monday Sept 23rd:
So the middle of the day we got a phone call asking to go give someone a blessing. She had been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because she had a seizure. After giving the blessing we were there for 30 minutes to an hour and it was really hard for me to be there. I've come to the realization that I really don't like visiting people in hospitals, especially since she was not in a stable situation when we got there. The fortunate thing is that she was okay and was home by that night. But It was just hard to watch and think that I was in that situation just about a year ago where I was helpless but I had all my family there to help me through it.

Tuesday Sept 24th:
Today was absolutely amazing! We had specialized training this morning and I learned so much. I took 4 pages of notes and probably could have taken more. We have already begun implementing what we have learned and it has been amazing to see the changes in the work here. 

Wednesday Sept 25th:
Well today was super slow but we had one cool experience. We were talking to one of our investigators during the day and a kid walked by that we had talked to in the past. I noticed him but since we were talking to someone I didn't say anything to him because I couldn't remember his name. For some reason I noticed what he was wearing though which isn't normal for me, but it is important. About 30 minutes later I saw him walking. If it weren't for his clothes we probably would have drove right by him but I told Elder Williams to pull over and talk to him real quick since we were going to be early. We only talked for like 10 minutes but he said he had read the Book of Mormon and that he liked it. Hopefully we will be able to start teaching him soon. 

Thursday Sept 26th:
Tonight I was angry about something and at this point I don't remember what it was which proves the point of what I want to share. I was contemplating why it is that we get caught up in the small problems in our lives. Why is it that we get angry at someone or something for something so unimportant. I know that it is part of life but I was just thinking about it. As I looked back over the past few weeks I could hardly remember any of the things I had been angry about, yet at the time I was so caught up in it. We are all human, and none of us are going to be perfect, but we must strive to not get caught up in the negative things in lie. In the grand scheme of our own happiness and well being IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!
Tonight we were talking to a 12 year old boy and his step-mom. As we talked and listened we felt the spirit begin to leave because of what was being said. The boy had made a small mistake that night and the mom started saying all of these negative things about him. After we left I remembered what Elder Williams and I had discussed in the morning. In 1 Nephi 16, it talks about how Lehi was murmuring and I said to myself, "Wow! Even a prophet of God isn't perfect!" Later, in 2 Nephi 4:17-35, Nephi acknowledges his faults and how he put his trust in the Lord to overcome them.
We are all going to make mistakes. We are all going to have our bad days. We all are going to face trials. Even the people I look at as the most faithful and righteous people on this earth are imperfect and have their bad days where they get angry or murmur. However, we must strive for perfection at all times, and stay positive even when we are making mistakes or going through hard times. 

Friday Sept 27th;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADDIE!!!! You have a pretty popular birthday. I met 3 people today that had the same birthday as you. I thought that was pretty cool!
Today we met with Bryce. I can't remember if I have talked about Bryce before, but when we met him he was into drugs and many other things. We met with him Wednesday and he committed to read every day until we came back today. (only 3 days I know but it gets better) I have never talked to anyone who understood so much with how much he has read so quickly. Not only that, he said everywhere he goes now he takes the Book of Mormon with him. And on top of that he said he hasn't been doing drugs because he has been reading so much and just doesn't think about them. His grandma is a member which is part of the reason he knows more than most people, but it is still amazing to see how interested he is and how quickly he is learning. 

Saturday Sept 28th:
Tonight I learned a very important principle that I haven't ever really thought about, but it is a principle we spend our entire lives trying to master. The principle is that of obedience, but even more specific is obedience to the promptings of the spirit. Often when we receive promptings, it is so subtle that we may not even recognize it, but when we do there are times where we question why. We think it is too weird, or too hard, or just awkward. Often as a missionary there is fear of following the prompting because we don't know what will happen. I often ask myself "Why must I do this?" And sometimes we do it and we witness no miracle as a result. We, as God's children, don't know the purpose of many things that happen in our life. Our Heavenly Father does know though. Sometimes, it may just be a test of our faith. Other times it may be to plant a seed or a learning experience for us. Whatever it is, God has a purpose for all things. If we are obedient, God promises us blessings. Joseph Smith said he made the following a rule to live by, "When the Lord commands, do it!"

Sunday Sept 29th:
We had another great experience with Bryce today. We taught him a lot and it is unreal how much he already know and how much he understands of what we are teaching him. At one point we were talking about the Holy Ghost and all it does for us, and how he has felt it while reading from the Book of Mormon. He said, "I haven't done drugs since I started reading, so like 5 days. And I haven't even had withdraws like usual. I just don't want to do them anymore." And the coolest thing is that he did it on his own. We didn't even talk to him about the word of wisdom and he just started doing it. He also said, "The Book of Mormon is better than the drugs. It is my new addiction. It fills me with peace and joy that is so much greater than anything I have ever felt. I just can't get enough of it." I don't think I have met anyone more prepared or more willing to change. He is changing on his own because he see's the blessings he is receiving and he wants to be better.

You are all amazing! Each one of you is unique, and God loves each and every one of you for who you are! Don't try to be someone who you aren't, but be the best you. We are all imperfect and each day is a new day. Don't dwell on the negatives, but take them and learn from them. The greatest learning experiences in life come from the trials we face.

I love you all! 
Elder Carter

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