Monday, October 28, 2013

Loving Life

So all throughout this week I keep thinking about the fact that a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed not really know what was going to happen to me and the fact that I'm out here on a mission is crazy! It has been a pretty happy week because of the fact that I'm remembering how much of a miracle it is that I'm even out on a mission right now!

Wednesday Oct 9th:
Today was crazy busy getting ready for transfers and everything! I made hash browns for breakfast since we didn't have milk for cereal or anything to have anything else so I just decided to make hash browns out of a potato. The crazy thing is, it actually tasted delicious! I keep surprising myself with my cooking skills. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it... but it was good!

Thursday Oct 10th:
Elder Hudson is here and he is awesome! He is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He played rugby and football but also likes hockey and basketball. He likes the same music as me. And as far as I can tell likes the same movies. So I'm very excited to serve with him! He has been out almost 20 months and he served in Portsmouth a little over a year ago. But that's about all I know but I'm super excited to serve with him!
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Friday Oct 11th:
Tonight we went to a wedding! It was for Kyle and Jacee, members in our ward. It was super relaxed but it was a lot of fun. That took up like all of the night and during the day we had weekly planning so there wasn't too much that happened today.

Saturday Oct 12th:
Happy Birthday Dad!!! Hope you had a great day!!
Today we had a lesson with Jason and Jamie and we have been teaching them how to use the index. We studied 'strength' which was actually really cool. I learned a lot and Jamie kept smiling which is awesome because they are going through a lot right now and we haven't seen her smile much in the past. 

Sunday Oct 13th:
Happy Birthday Kiley!! I was thinking about last year and the only memory I have of this day is when everyone came and visited me. It was crazy how packed the room was!  But it is crazy to see how much has changed since then in such a short amount of time. 
Tonight we watched President Monson's talk with Britdgett and after it finished all she said was "Wow! He really sucks you in!" It was really cool to listen to it again and to see how she reacted to it. It was such an amazing talk and as he talks you just feel so much peace and love!

Monday Oct 14th:
This morning we had interviews with President Pitt along with a district meeting which both were good! One thing we discussed in district meeting was expectations. What we expect of ourselves, our companionship, our areas, and a few other things. It really got me thinking and then I met with President Pitt who told me the expectations he has for me. He said if some situations hadn't come up, I would have been training right now and would be a district leader. He also told me how he expects that I will have many leadership roles throughout my mission. Along with these individual expectations, he told Elder Hudson that he expects our district to be the model and example for our entire mission. Normally I would feel pressured with all of this but I'm very excited for the work that is going to take place here in Portsmouth. This transfer is going to be very exciting and we are going to see many great things! 

For those of you who are struggling or just are looking for something to read, read 2 Nephi 4:17-35 in the Book of Mormon. It really has helped me overcome the imperfections I have because I know that I don't have to be perfect. Even a prophet of God makes mistakes! Never give up! Just work to become better!

I love you all! This work is amazing! This Gospel is true!

Elder Carter

Inline image 3This is JoJo, Bridgett's son. I think he is 22 months old now.

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