Saturday, November 30, 2013

Living it up in Mo Town #YOMO (you only mission once)

So just to explain this hashtag in the subject. Our zone has a saying YOMO and everyone says it so I just thought I would share it with all of you.
I now am in an area where we go to a library to email and so we have a limited time to email so my emails are going to start to get a little shorter. I wish I could continue sharing what happens each day but I am just going to share the highlights of the week.
I'm in MORGANTOWN!!! It is absolutely awesome here. There are 12 missionaries serving here which is super exciting! 3 sets of Sisters and 3 sets of Elders. My new companion is Elder Kamauu. He is SUPER green! He has been out in the field a total of 5 days now! So exciting! He is from Ewa Beach, Oahu, in Hawaii. He is 21 years old. He only has a sister who is 19. But the best part is that he is so excited to work and he is so awesome! I have been loving serving with him. He makes me feel pretty smart even though I really don't know that much still. But I have loved training him so far. He just is so good at listening and is just awesome! He just saw a fire place used for the first time EVER yesterday and he has never been in weather this cold. I went from a Canadian who loves this weather to a Hawaiian who has never been in this weather. So funny!
One of our investigators name is Antionette! She is from the Bahamas!!! So cool, and she has a sweet accent! I have only talked with her like 5 minutes though so I'm looking forward to going back.
One of the members of our ward, Sister Lund, took us out on Saturday to go grocery shopping and she was just throwing stuff in the cart for us. She ended up spending like $200 on us. I felt kinda bad but loved it to because that never happened in Portsmouth! She is just so nice! I think she is feeding us on Thanksgiving too!
Okay funny story. We went over to meet an investigator of ours. She is a 91 year old lady named Margaret. She was talking about how her house got cold the night before and how she was freezing. It just so happened our apartment got down to 52 degrees that same night so I told her Elder Kamauu had the same problem. She then goes on to say to Elder Kamauu "Well maybe we could keep each other warm." It was so funny!
Our ward is awesome! Everyone was so welcoming to us. We went over to the Kellems for dinner and they told us to come back for dinner on Tuesday too. Guess they liked us. Everyone keeps offering to help us with anything because oh yeah, we don't have a car. It is the beginning of winter and we have to walk everywhere. It isn't too bad for me but I just have to stay bundled up.
Oh and I called Portsmouth last night and Francis went to church!! That was awesome news! AND Julia is finally going to get baptized! I'm sad I'm going to miss it but I'm so excited for them! Especially since there is a new missionary in Portsmouth so that will be super cool for him!
I hope that y'all have a great thankgiving week! I'm am so thankful for all of you and your support!
Elder Carter
"If you only had that which you had thanked God for that day, what would you have?"
“What if you only had today what you thanked God for yesterday?”

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