Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Promised Land

Sorry about not emailing yesterday! We had computers to use but the internet wasn't working for them and the person who works here had the day off so we couldn't really email so we were told to do it today. 

Monday Nov 4th:
This morning we were studying and we got a call from our Zone Leaders asking if we wanted to go to Huntington to play basketball. Of course my answer was yes! I haven't played an actualy game in 4 months. It was a lot of fun! There were over 20 missionaries there! I didn't realize how out of shape I was. "Working out" for 30 minutes in the morning is not cutting it for staying in shape. But it was a really good day and I enjoyed it!

Tuesday Nov 5th:
So I forgot to write in my journal about today. The only thing I really remember is going to visit a less active that Elder Hudson used to meet with and we got her to come back to church this week which was exciting! Everyone went and gave her hugs when they saw her so it was a good experience.

Wednesday Nov 6th:
I must begin by saying that Isaiah is so confusing to read! I have been reading the chapters from Isaiah that are in the Book of Mormon recently and tonight we read two chapters with Bryce and his brother Alex. This morning I was reading in 2 Nephi 25:1 which says Isaiah is hard to understand unless you are from Jerusalem or have been taught in the ways of the Jews so guees it's a lost cause... I will never get it...

Thursday Nov 7th:
We have had two wedddings this month! Crazy! Tonight, Rhonda and Shane got married which was really cool. Rhonda is a member and they have been living together so it has been hard for her to do because she knows she is breaking the commandments. And Shane wants to be baptized but could be until they got married so all of it was good. Now Shane just has to quit smoking. Shane isn't our investigator but I've gotten to know him pretty well from Church and other activities since he and Caleb, really like the Elders and we go to the same ward they do. 

Friday Nov 8th:
Today was a very exciting and spiritual day! Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy came to our mission today. I learned so much from what he shared with us. He spoke to us from 9-12 and then from 1-3 so a total of 5 hours of just him teaching us. There are two things I really liked that he shared with us.
1. "If you find that fulfilling your purpose is challenging, it means you are growing.
2. "You always know the spirit was there after, never before." We can always prepare to receive help and guidance from the spirit.

And the last thing I wanted to share from it was something that his wife, Sister Sitati, said.
"There is no commandment, big or small, not to be obeyed."
We can't make excuses on the commandment we follow or that we don't, and we definitely can't affort to be making excuses either.

Saturday Nov 9th:
It is crazy how the Lord provides us with opportunities to teach and talk with people. Today we were with Bridgett and a man walked by and asked if we would come talk to him later. After we finished teaching Bridgett we went and talked to him and he seemed intersted. He had a lot of interesting ideas but hopefully by teaching him we can help him better understand all that we know. 

Sunday Nov 10th:
Church was a little crazy today. In sacrament meeting the topic was tithing, and in Sunday school we taught the Law of Chasity. One of the members in our ward that is at the college brought a friend for the first time. That is one way to introduce them to the church! But the crazy part is after sacrament we had to go change somebody's tire that got flat during church. I'm not complaining though. It sure beat teaching an entire class of investigators about the Law of Chastity. Other than that not much happened today.

Monday Nov 11th:
Today was awesome! We went to Ashland, KY today along with 8 other missionaries (4 sisters, and 4 elders)  and we played volleyball and basketball which was a lot of fun. Tonight we got a new investigator too. He is the one that came to church with the member at the college. Guess church wasn't to crazy for him. But he is a Sophomore at Shawnee State University. They seem to have talked a lot about the church already which is good but so far he seems to be pretty firm in his beliefs so hopefully he is able to open up and his prayers are answered about the Book of Mormon and our church. 

It snowed last night...
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Thank you all for the prayers and the support! I love you all!!
Love Elder Carter

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