Saturday, November 30, 2013

Heading to Mo Town

Well I have exciting news! After 4 and 1/2 months in Portsmouth, Ohio, I'm now going to Morgantown, West Virginia! I will be training a new missionary and I'm super nervous but also so excited because of all the exciting things I have heard about the area!

Tuesday Nov 12th:
It was a crazy day today. We went out to dinner tonight with Nickles out at the daycare they own. It was a weird environment to go to dinner but I've worked in a daycare so it was okay. But, next thing I know is they are in the office yelling at a worker of theirs and we are pretty sure they fired her. It got a little crazy... Along with that, the wife yelled at the kids a few times which I've heard she does a lot. Definitely one of the more awkward dinners we've been to. They didn't yell at us though and were nice to us so it wasn't too bad, just awkward.

Wednesday Nov 13th:
Tonight was so much fun! We had a surprise party for Brother Sanford who was turning 40. They rented out the laser tag place/ bowling alley and also got arcade games and stuff. Not exactly sure if the arcade games and everything was approved but oh well, we had a lot of fun. There were a bunch of ward members there and we had a blast. For those of you who have watched How I Met Your Mother, I felt like Barney Stinson! It was LEGEN... wait for it.................. DARY!  LEGENDARY!!

Thursday Nov 14th:
Today we had a zone meeting which was really cool. We talked about Zion and what it is. There were a few quote I really liked. The first was "It begins ONE at a time." The other was "Zion is created ONE person at a time, ONE family at a time, ONE ward at a time, and eventually ONE stake at a time." It was really cool for me just hearing he importance of ONE. Never feel like you are unimportant! 

Friday Nov 15th:
Tonight we met with Jill in the Sanford's home. It was a very good experience where the spirit was very strong. (and it was nice not having to teach out in the cold) She has her concerns like all investigators do but you can tell that she has a strong desire to find out if the Book of Mormon is true! So elect!

Saturday Nov 16th:
Today was an awesome day! Tonight we were able to set Bryce and Alex on date for December 21st! It was really cool because before tonight Alex hadn't ever really opened up. We talked a lot about how the gospel blesses our lives and about baptism. The craziest part about them is that we have had so many people who know them really well tell us they won't ever change. They don't believe us when we tell them they are until they come to a lesson with us. A few months ago this would have never happened. We were in the right place at the right time and they now are making huge improvements in their lives. God know each of us. He knows our wants and desires and he places us at certain places at certain times.

Sunday Nov 17th:
Today was awesome! We had the primary program in Church today which is always awesome! There is always one kid that steals the show and today it was Ellie Ekins'. She is like 6 or 7 years old and gave like a 7 minute talk in the middle of the program that was better than a lot of the talks I've heard youth give. It was awesome!! She had more attitude than Keely and Caddie if that give you any perspective on how awesome she is! 
Tonight we went to the Sanford's home which was a lot of fun. We did an FHE with them and their two daughters both made me stuff because they new I was leaving. It was so cute! One of them wrote me a letter and said she wishes I was part of their family. They are an awesome family with great kids!

Monday Nov 18th:
Today I went on an exchange with Elder Fielding in Ashland which was a lot of fun! We had two awesome meals, one of which made me think of home because everything that was made was something either my grandma or mom would make. It was awesome! Then we went and taught a lady who is getting baptized on Saturday and she was missing 3 toes which was weird. That's our mission for you though. 

Tuesday Nov 19th:
Well not much happened today. Every single plan fell through on my last full day in Portsmouth. I hate telling people I'm leaving though! It is not any fun in the slightest! I have come to love these people so much so it is going to be very hard to say goodbye. 

Well I'm super excited to go to Morgantown! Portsmouth has been a really fun experience though and I definitely am going to miss it. 
I love y'all!!
Elder Carter

"The creation of a thousand forests is in ONE acorn" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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