Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well I just sat down and realized I forgot my journal at home which is how I'm able to tell you what happened each day so I will do my best but a few days might be skipped and the letter will probably be a little bit shorter this week. 

Monday Sept 2:
We probably had the most exciting P-day since I have been out in the field! We went to Golden Corrals with the sisters here in Wheelersburg which was fun to see some other people and do stuff on a P-day instead of just clean and shop and do just a bunch of busy work!

Tuesday Sept 3:
What a miracle! We saw Bryce today who we met a few weeks ago. When we met him he was sitting on a porch and we went up to him and he was telling us how he had an infection in his arm but no way to go to the doctors to get antibiotics or anything to fix it. We gave him a blessing and just saw him for the first time since then. He saw us and stopped to talk to us and one of the first things he said was "My arm was healed and I never went and saw a doctor or anything!" It was such an amazing experience! The priesthood definitely works! It was so amazing to see!

Wednesday Sept 4:
I don't really remember much about today. We taught a lot of people but nothing too exciting happened that I can remember. However, we talked to Tina, Nora's mother, and she said that on Sunday she would get work off to take Nora and her kids to church! 

Thursday Sept 5:
We had a Zone Meeting today which was amazing! The spirit was so strong the entire meeting as we discussed specifically faith unto power. If we have the faith that God can do anything than we can have the power to do anything. Our mission has made a goal to have 50 baptisms this month and the highest this mission has ever had is 32. This will take a lot of faith but I know that we can achieve it! 
There was one quote that I wanted to share though which was "If you're not having fun doing something then you are not doing it right." It is so simple yet so true. A lot of times when we don't enjoy something it is because we have expectations that it is going to be bad. If we have the right mentality and the right perspective though, It will be so much more fun and anything can become fun.

Friday Sept 6:
Today we met two kids as we were walking around named Jospeh and Kyle. Joseph told us that missionaries in the past had talked to her mom and gave her a Book of Mormon. She didn't read it so he asked her if he could and he started reading it after he finished his homework. We asked him what he thought and how it made him feel and he gave the most amazing response! He said "It makes me feel like I have a purpose in life." That was such a testimony builder for me. A 17 year old boy who knew nothing about our church but read it and it changed his life. I can't wait to go and start teaching him. And that sad thing is that I almost didn't go and talk to him. Thankfully Elder Williams forced me to!

Saturday Sept 7:
Not much happened today that I really remember. One cool thing though was that Tina (Nora's mom) was having a yard sale. It was kind of last minute that she did it and when we stopped by she hadn't had much success. She had gotten work of Sunday so we prayed that she would be able to get the money that she wouldn't be getting Sunday and as soon as the prayer ended someone got out of the car to go to the yard sale. Prayers are answered! We later went back and she had made more money than she would have at work which was awesome! 

Sunday Sept 8th:
What a day what a day what a day!!! We had 5 investiagtors at church today which was awesome!!! On top of the 5 investigators there were also 8 other kids that came with them so it was a little crazy but super exciting! We put in so much extra work to make sure it happened this week and it finally did! Hard work pays off when you do it in the Lords way! 
At night we went over to Bridgett's home for dinner and it was, if not the best meal since being out here, probably top 3 at least. We had ribs (that fell off the bone), home made baked beans, corn bread, and mashed potatoes! They made fun of me because I didn't talk much because it was so good! We had a great discussion afterwards with Bridgett and she had a friend over name Joe that was awesome and the spirit was so strong as we talked with them both. It was an awesome Sunday!!

I realized that I have a better memory than I thought. It was quite an amazing week and next this Saturday we are having my first baptism!!! I'm so excited!! 

I love you all!
Elder Carter

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